All my clothing, jewellery & accessories are hand-made here in London using only the softest fabrics to create something light, comfortable and unique. I love to design things that are so versatile you will look and feel great wearing them for every occasion.

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  The Waistcoat The Deluxe Cowl Waistcoat is my own unique design and can be worn in a variety of different ways from a simple waistcoat to a shawl cardigan.  
  This beautiful soft drapey dress can be worn loose with the fabulous shape down the side, you can tie a knot at the front or the side for a different look or you can tuck the drape side in and make it a straighter maxi style.  The Boobou Dress


  The Necklace The Necklace is the lightest, softest accessory you will ever wear! As a long multistranded loop you can wear it long or short and it will always add a stylish touch to any outfit.  
  The Bracelet is a wrap made from soft jersey with simple bead details. They look amazing on and feel even better! No clasps to do up, just stretch over your hand to put on! The Bracelet  
  The Scarf The Knotted Cowl Scarf is a unique scarf design which looks and feels amazing. Choose from the short knotted version which will loop twice around, or the deluxe knotted cowl which will loop around up to four times.